10.11.2023 | A FISTFUL OF TWIST | LIVE


Arabic Surf / Instrumental Reggae and Bogaloo

Bar offen ab 17:00-02:00
Konzert 21:00 Eintritt CHF 10.–

Gilbert Trefzger aka Shalaby– Gitarren, Slide, Lapsteel
Pascal Grünenfelder – E-Bass, Kontrabass
Samuel Dühsler – Drums, Percussion

A FISTFUL OF TWIST spielen eigene Songs mit viel Groove und Spirit, zwischen Arabic Surf, souly Booga- loo, improvisiertem Rock und Vintage Roots-Funk mit einem Schuss Reggae und einer guten Portion psy- chedelischer Verzerrung.


DJ Shalaby has African and European Roots. Beeing as well a musician (guitar, steel-guitar and oud) there was always a big love and respect for African and Oriental Music. Living in Paris he got a few boxes of old African records and cassetes from a closing down shop near Barbes..thats how it all started...

100% Pure African Music-Soukous, Rumba, African Electro and Disco, Oriental Sounds and Dancehall, Ziglybity, Shangaan Electro, Gnawa, Highlife, Coupe Decalé, Afrobeats...
mixed with Cumbia and Champeta tracks